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Options to Cover any Situation or Location


StickSafeTM Lets you know when to change it.

If you wonder if StickSafeTM is still active and working to kill bacteria and viruses on contact, StickSafeTM has a variety of ways to let you know it is time to replace it with a fresh sticker.

StickSafeTM - Custom for EVERYONE

Our standard material is cut on demand so each order is essentially custom made for you. If you need any custom shape you can send us your design and start a subscription today.


StickSafeTM any LOOK or FEEL

StickSafeTM can have any design imprinted on its surface as well as any 3D texture. We can customize with your own branding or design style while implementing text or braille on your StickSafeTM products.

Designed for anywhere you TOUCH

Using 3M base materials we can make durable StickSafeTM on nearly any surface or for (nearly) any climate.

Reliable and persistent antimicrobial surfaces anywhere is now a possibility 

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