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What is StickSafe?

StickSafe is an advanced type of material with an adhesive backing that has powerful anti-microbial and Anti-Viral properties. This material kills 99.99% of all nasty things that make contact with its surface. The adhesive backing allows you to stick it virtually everywhere and remove it safely and cleanly when its time to be replaced.

Where Can I buy It?

We want to ensure we can produce this product in the USA so we are starting sales on Using the popular and far-reaching crowdfunding site we will deliver product much more quickly than if we outsourced manufacturing anywhere else. Go to to secure some of the first run product before everyone else.

Did I hear there was a contest?

You sure did! We have a few amazing prizes that you can win simply by following one of these two methods:

  • submitting an essay about how you would like change the world.

  • subscribing to our YouTube page

       - Each share from YouTube gets an additional entry for $15k of awesome gear and cash!

Please go to the contest page on this site for more details and where to send your essays to!

What is it made of?

We are going through the Patenting process with the USPTO and cannot talk about the details but we use a special combination of technologies to create an Ultra-Durable Long-Lasting Anti-Microbial, Anti-Viral, and Non-Toxic Material, using no dangerous chemicals or biocides.

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