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How does StickSafeTM work?

StickSafeTM is the marriage of a few technologies to make one versatile product that can be used to protect just about any surface.

First, we take our 3M base materials (the adhesive vinyl material) and apply any color, graphic, text or texture to the surface (even braille is possible). 

Next, we apply a specially formulated Non-Toxic antimicrobial (kills bacteria, viruses and some types of fungus) to the surface. This antimicrobial uses ISO certified ingredients that guarantee 99.96% death rate of any microbe on contact.

Then, our machines cut the sticker out using an automatic cutter to precisely create any exact 2D shape to fit items of nearly every shape or size.

Our antimicrobial formula will constantly be improved and evolve to be even more effective and long lasting. 

All of the materials we use is 100% recyclable and very soon we will have a system to receive used StickSafeTM to ensure it is recycled properly. 

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