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The Full (shortened) Story

Several years ago, in a land about 30 minutes north of Denver Colorado an  excited and young-ish... man named Christopher Avina ventured out into the world of investment to secure funding for this potentially life-saving material. (StickSafe before it was called StickSafe) To his surprise the reception was luke-warm, as they could see the usefulness but did not see a big market for it and already wanted to make changes before making a deal. No deal.

Enter the worst Pandemic in 100 years and a virus that just wont stop. As silly as we can are in our marketing the seriousness is real, and this situation is dire, the new predictions set the death toll at 200,000 in the Unites States alone. 

Please join us in this fight against this invisible enemy and stop Coronavirus, or any other virus or bacteria from taking the lives of our loved ones.

We can stop this pandemic if we act soon enough. And we cannot stop there as this could be only the beginning of a new era of deadly Viruses and Bacteria.

Who knows what is on the horizon but now we know its better to be prepared and have real solutions in place than to try and solve these crises as they unravel. 

My solution, StickSafe is the first and only Sticker with anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties so now all we need to do is Stick It and we are Safe!

Did I mention that StickSafe will be Manufactured in the USA. Always. Forever? Weill it will be as we need every job we can get here and as we grow we will always make sure there are plenty of jobs to go around. 

If you would like to get it go to indiegogo.com/projects/sticksafe and get it there first!

Together we can Save lives. It could be your own. It could be mine!

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